What’s scarier than getting attacked by a drunk monkey with a knife (TRUE STORY)


The other day, a monkey (we’ll call him Furious George) was on the loose in Paraiba, Brazil.

He was stealing drinks from patrons at a local bar. His drink of choice?

Cachaça, a distilled spirit popular with locals in the area.

What did he do next?

Furious George, in his drunken state, started attacking the patrons with a FOOT LONG KNIFE!

Okay so now you’re probably like “Shant stop with the BS, this didn’t happen. This is just one of your horror stories you wrote.”

Don’t believe me? Here’s a link to the article with a video of the drunken monkey.

Furious George: monkey in Brazil drinks rum and chases bar patrons with knife

This story has a happy ending…sort of.

Furious George was rescued by local firefighters and placed in a nearby environmental reserve.

Unfortunately, he was recaptured after causing a ruckus with local children.

Honestly guys, this story doesn’t scare me. I’d probably cheer on Furious George as I took some shots.

But, do you want to know a story that is ten times scarier than this? One that unfortunately doesn’t have a happy ending?

What would happen if you were trapped in a locked boxing gym with a full-fledged RAT MAN who decapitated gym-goers ate their brains for dinner?

You see, this freaks the s*** out of me way more than Furious George.


First off this giant rat man is 100 times the size and strength of Furious George.

Guns and Tasers can’t stop this being.

He’s a former Olympic Boxer.

You’re trapped in the Gym. There is no way of escaping.

Your SOL and unfortunately death appears inevitable…

…Unless there are some unforeseen heroes that can use science and skill to trap this Rat Man.

No time to call Animal Control. And even if you did, there’s nothing they could do either.

If you guys think this story is way freakier than that of Furious George, than you my friend are in luck.

Gym Ratz: A Tail of Terror is an award-winning screenplay written by the very talented Kevin M. Glover and myself that tells the story of this giant rat man and how he ended up terrorizing a seemingly innocuous gym.

If you’re a fan of Horror Classics such as Re-Animator and The Fly, you will be in one thrill ride with Gym Ratz.

We’ve teamed up with a great artist and we’re turning Gym Ratz into a graphic novel.

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