Screenplay Competition Awards


Nashville Film Festival.


Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition.


Fantastic Horror Film
Festival Screenplay Competition Winner.


2nd Place Horror
Screenplay Competition.


Second Rounder Austin
Film Festival (Top 10%).


ScreamCraft Horror Competition.

Winner Best Screenplay at the Fantastic Horror Film Festival

I loved it. Well written and a great script.

Ty Walker, Producer – Imperium

Very Commercial

Penelope Spheeris, Director – Wayne’s World

I enjoyed reading it, and I’d love to see it get made.

John Will, Producer – Band of Robbers

It’s a great concept.

Binh Dang, Producer – Force of Execution

Very funny!! Very.

Melissa Prophet, Associate Producer – The Cotton Club

Good writing.

Doug Draizin, Producer – Spy Hard

Solid read. Really appreciate you giving me a chance to check it out.

Ryan Cunningham, Madhouse Entertainment

It’s obvious both you and your partner are strong writers. And your poster is cute.

Alexia Melocchi, Little Studio Films

Gym Ratz is a fast-paced, enjoyable read, and has the ingredients of a strong, horror flick.

Ryan Graff, Script Coverage Service.

Gym Ratz is an unabashedly fun premise and get us readers all excited for a juicy bit of genre writing.

Dreaded Wrylies, Script Coverage Service.

Gym Ratz has the necessary elements to be a fun monster movie. The lead character is well drawn, and his conflicts and motivations are clear, making his downfall ultimately more tragic.

David Charpentier, Script Coverage Service.

Gym Ratz has a solid concept. You have a good setting, and an effective source of
conflict for the lead with some genuinely horrific beats. The moment between
Trish and the slimy rat, for example, is particularly disturbing and I don’t think
there’s anyone in the audience who won’t squirm in their seat.

Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition.

To me the story can be dark and gory – perfect for fans that love blood and horror. As between “The Fly” and “Rocky,” so it can appeal to science fiction and sports fans. With direction and nice special effects, the script can be a good film to watch. That said, it is a great read and the story keeps us entertained.

Edwin Mejia, The Vladar Company